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Water damage removal experts

An experience water damage restoration or mold remediator  technician must be certified by IICRC also the experience on the field that will be the most important

Every water or mold loss are unique but most are handle the same way the only different is the damage areas the method need to be use and the right calculation of equipment use and monitoring of the job

example :

Using the same method to  dry hardwood floor  vs.  drying walls to reach to it’s normal moisture content each one will take longer to dry the other one may need a different type of equipment.

Drying a crawl space and drying inside a house there is a different inside both areas’ temperature.

Also make sure to do all test before removing any wet  building material.

Carpet may dry in a day but under it wood sub-floor or even concrete slab it may look dry even you touch but a concrete can hold lot of moisture, there are several moisture detection instruments that are very important to use to find out how much or how far the water hit a building.

Other instruments are infrared cameras that can detect moisture at high ceiling walls roof , this equipment measure temperature the in the picture or video people can see a spots with different colors or if you turn on white and black the spots only will be in the dark color

And there are more and more water damage or mold remediation dos and don’ts when working on this water damage restoration industry

Number one is the technician experience and then the equipment to use and how to use it
Residential water damage restoration


After strong winds and heavy rains!!

Last few days we have a strong wings can damage your roof shingles, roof leaks cause by rain after those strong wings  , the recommendation is to have your home be inspect for moisture intrusion.
Damage roof shingles! a strong wing can pull off a roof and leave unprotected from rains leaks and moisture.
Ceiling and walls! if you notice a brown stain or paint bubbles that may be a sign of moisture intrusion. or if a
water leak coming from above your ceiling your attic may have affected too.
In case of water intrusion! Rain water can end inside your house crawl space with out you notice it,
Remember that moisture can stay for days because of lack of ventilation under it.
We provide a free inspection and if you have any problem we are an affordable company that can help you with
any structure moisture problem. keeping your structure dry will help prevent a microbial grow (mold) in any structure.

1st Restoration is based in the city of Torrance serving Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach Palos Verdes and surround cities, Call 310-328-6065

Category of water loss

There are 3 categories of water loss and the IICRC S500 is a  Standard, reference and guide for the water damage professional technicians.

How to determine the categories differences from category 1 and 2,. the 3 category is obvious contain high contaminan or other harmful agents like sewage back ups rivers, sea water overflood and other sources.

A water damage! when and how become category 2 if the source was a clean potable water line. or when category 2 becomes category 3

Category 2 can be consider from a water loss source was cause from toilet, laundry washer, or dishwasher units or when is not benn clean or remove right away and the water runs over old building materials or to others rooms traps with urine with not feces or in worse case after 48 can become category 3 due to microbial growth or if the water cross over contaminants or harmful agents can be consider to category 3.

It is high recommend to clean as soon as possible to prevent more damage to your structure.


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Flooded house or Business during a big storm

There’s no other way that El Niño will weaks out at this point. It’s a biggest than 1997 to fail,” said the scientifics from climatologist for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge.

as the City of Torrance, South Bay Area, Los Angeles county the southern California can suffer from a severe flood damage, homes and businesses may be hi by big storms or hurrycanes is all ready  predicted, You watched and hear on tv, online and radio news.  This coming November and December 2015 and the next year January, February even march 2016, we may get floods in different areas in the Southern California.

Get prepare and protect your family and your house.

During a heavy rain and wind, this nature phenomenal El Nino.   Start on the raise of temperature in grand area of the Pacific ocean, and create a big storms, very heavy rains that can damage many houses’s roof, by leaking into houses or business.

A water from rain can run down from a roof into your ceiling, walls, and floors.

Have a qualify roofer to inspect your home or business roof soon.








1st Restoration 888-937-3239 serve all Los Angeles county, California.

please help conserve the water is vital for all of us

here are some website information links sharing the water shortage problem and solutions

  • http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/habitats/riverslakes/protecting-clean-water-for-people-and-nature.xml
  •  http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2008/jan/05/activists.ethicalliving
  • http://californiawaterblog.com/2014/04/09/droughts-no-1-lesson-modernize-water-management/


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Roof leak water damage

Is your home or business suffer roof leak call us at 888 937-3239 we can help.

A storm can bring  a lot of moisture and wind can cause medium to severe damage to your home or business. water from rain can come throught open cavities, old cracks seals and gaps, the couse can be for long dryness season from years all ready passed.

A temporary roof cover to avoid water coming into your home or business. Call your roof company, if your home have water damage froom a roof leak call us we can assist you and help dry your affected structure.

Please call a roof company if you suspect that your roof shingles sufer a wind damage before storm is coming for an evaluation to prevent water roof leak.

Do not attempt yourself or have anyone to climb up the roof. It is very dangerous as it is wet and very slippery.

call a roof company they may assist you with your roof problem




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Limpieza de alfombra

Las recomendaciones de los fabricante de alfombra ( carpet) para  la limpieza de su alfombra es aspirar regularmente esto eliminara casi todo el polvo y la arena penetrada entre las fibras y para la grasa pegajosa es usar el sistema de extraccion con agua caliente, el proceso consiste en el uso de un esprayer con liquido detergente y extraer con agua caliente, este sistema  provee mejor y profundo metodo de limpieza o lavado de alfombra.

Este sistema es conocido como al vapor ( steam cleaning), se puedes usar una unidad de maquina montada  (truck mount unit) o una maquina portable (portable unit).

Y de limpiar su alfombra ( carpet) entre 12 a 18 meses dependiendo el trafico en la alfombra y cantidad de habitantes en una residencia.


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