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After strong winds and heavy rains!!

Last few days we have a strong wings can damage your roof shingles, roof leaks cause by rain after those strong wings  , the recommendation is to have your home be inspect for moisture intrusion.
Damage roof shingles! a strong wing can pull off a roof and leave unprotected from rains leaks and moisture.
Ceiling and walls! if you notice a brown stain or paint bubbles that may be a sign of moisture intrusion. or if a
water leak coming from above your ceiling your attic may have affected too.
In case of water intrusion! Rain water can end inside your house crawl space with out you notice it,
Remember that moisture can stay for days because of lack of ventilation under it.
We provide a free inspection and if you have any problem we are an affordable company that can help you with
any structure moisture problem. keeping your structure dry will help prevent a microbial grow (mold) in any structure.

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Los Angeles Water Damage Restoration

1st Restoration, a water damage restoration company based in Los Angeles County, responds swiftly to water damage emergencies. to any one suffers water damage.
1st  Restoration,Use an efficient water mitigation program which follow the IICRC S-500 reference guide for water restoration. Using the right moisture detection instruments, drying equipment, dehumidifiers, air movers and air filtration device, monitoring recording and document every water loss. It is very important all drying equipment is place in the right affected area by experience technicians the drying equipment need to be on all time the longer the equipment is running the fast drying process for any affected structures. Our technicians are trained to identify the root problem, formulate a recovery strategy and implement it in a safe and efficient manner.
Los Angeles Case Study
Before calling us, a Los Angeles medical office experienced seasonal water damage and flooding in their office. After rains, water would find its way into the building. Following a strong downpour, the office flooded and the staff called us to remediate the problem.
While removing the standing water, we realized that we would have to remove about 300 – 400 gallons of standing water from the affected area in order to gain access to water which had pooled in the carpet.
Simultaneously another technician rase furniture using stairfoam blocks of flooded carpets and covered furniture and contents to protect them
Plumber realized that the rain gutters were feeding into the drain system. The improper plumbing was causing chronic flooding problems. plumber technician re-route the gutters to downspouts drain freely outside the building.

1st Restoration,removed the standing water and installed fans and dehumidifiers to dry the building structure. When dry, the affected structure areas was repaired . the office was in better than new condition after the correction the faulty plumbing that was the root cause of the chronic water damage. The office is now dry year round and operates more smoothly, with lowered stress levels and lower maintenance costs.