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After strong winds and heavy rains!!

Last few days we have a strong wings can damage your roof shingles, roof leaks cause by rain after those strong wings  , the recommendation is to have your home be inspect for moisture intrusion.
Damage roof shingles! a strong wing can pull off a roof and leave unprotected from rains leaks and moisture.
Ceiling and walls! if you notice a brown stain or paint bubbles that may be a sign of moisture intrusion. or if a
water leak coming from above your ceiling your attic may have affected too.
In case of water intrusion! Rain water can end inside your house crawl space with out you notice it,
Remember that moisture can stay for days because of lack of ventilation under it.
We provide a free inspection and if you have any problem we are an affordable company that can help you with
any structure moisture problem. keeping your structure dry will help prevent a microbial grow (mold) in any structure.

1st Restoration is based in the city of Torrance serving Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach Palos Verdes and surround cities, Call 310-328-6065

Water leak inside wall, ceiling or under crawl space

Residential, water damage restoration, No one is expecting a water damage, flood to your home or business, potable water pipes burst can cause severe damage to your property structure even you have a small water damage can cause damage too, it is recomended to  have a professional water damage restoration company.

1 Restoration will check all affected area and beyond, water can travel to the hidden lowest areas and can be unnoticable, moisture detection instruments play importan roll on structure drying.

Water pipes not only burst inside walls a pin hole can create a spray and can be also unnotisable causing damage to your structure walls ceilings attics or under crawl space. 

Water leak can be happening for days or even weeks until water you notice carpet or your hardwood floor is wet and buckleing or water is coming out a crawl space hole an odor inside your home or business comming from under structures. We offer a free inspection call now at 310 328-6065.    


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